Project: Cloud Resume Challenge

This website was started to fulfill the goals of the Cloud Resume Challenge, a 16-step project that aims to familiarize its participants with the fundaments of modern cloud architecture. Along the way, the project grew in scope to include replacing the author's former Wordpress-driven website with one written entirely in Hugo, with some small Javascript enhancements here and there.

Development Log

As I built this site, I wrote a series of in-process blog posts as a kind of development log to keep track of my progress, my learnings, and my next steps.

These should be read like a lab notebook - there are many false starts and dead ends. You'll see my thought process, my triumps and defeats. I left them largely uneditted, only going back to correct spelling and punctuation. I have added a few headings (for ease of reading) and editors notes (when I learned much later that something I'd written was wrong).


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