Welcome to the personal website of Jeff Glass, an electronics enthusiast and huge nerd.

Professionally, I worked as a fulll time lighting, projections, and special effects technician in nonprofit theatre. I've lit tiny one-person performances and big broadway bound shows, and built more LED versions of Tinkerbell than I can recall. For more specific professional background, feel free to reach out.

In my spare time, I'm a person of many hobbies. I'm an electronics and 3D-printing enthusiast, especially as those crafts relate to stage-lighting control. (See, for example, The Demilight Project.) I am an active Ham Radio operator, under the callsign KK9JEF, and I enjoy operating (mostly outdoors as part of Parks on the Air), exploring mapping and propgation data, and building my own radios and antennas.

I document both my professional and personal projects in a few places. Here, obviously, but also on my blog, on YouTube and occasionally on Twitter.

I also have a very, very good dog.


Larger undertakings. Some for fun, some for pay, or both.

Cloud Resume Challenge

How this very site was built, using AWS, Hugo, Docker, and time.

The 7 GUIs - Pyscript

Building 7 Foundational WEB GUIs in Python, running directly in the browser via PyScript

USITT 2022: Homemade LED Projects

An increasingly comprehensive guide to making things with LEDs

More Projects

Python / Pyscript

Moments in time, works in progress or completed assemblies, on a variety of topics

More Python / Pyscript

Blog Posts

Moments in time, works in progress or completed assemblies, on a variety of topics


Small projects, adventures, or findings. Less than deserves a full blog/project post, more than deserves to get lost to Twitter.