Welcome to the personal website of Jeff Glass, an electronics enthusiast and huge nerd.

Professionally, I worked as a fulll time lighting, projections, and special effects technician in nonprofit theatre. I've lit tiny one-person performances and big broadway bound shows, and built more LED versions of Tinkerbell than I can recall. For more specific professional background, feel free to reach out.

In my spare time, I'm a person of many hobbies. I'm an electronics and 3D-printing enthusiast, especially as those crafts relate to stage-lighting control. (See, for example, The Demilight Project.) I am an active Ham Radio operator, under the callsign KK9JEF, and I enjoy operating (mostly outdoors as part of Parks on the Air), exploring mapping and propgation data, and building my own radios and antennas.

I document both my professional and personal projects in a few places. Here, obviously, but also on my blog, on YouTube and occasionally on Twitter.

I also have a very, very good dog.


Larger undertakings. Some for fun, some for pay, or both.

Cloud Resume Challenge

How this very site was built, using AWS, Hugo, Docker, and time.

Rich on PyScript

The Rich terminal formatting library, running in the browser with PyScript

The 7 GUIs - Pyscript

Building 7 Foundational WEB GUIs in Python, running directly in the browser via PyScript

More Projects

Python / Pyscript

Moments in time, works in progress or completed assemblies, on a variety of topics

Blog Posts

Moments in time, works in progress or completed assemblies, on a variety of topics


Small projects, adventures, or findings. Less than deserves a full blog/project post, more than deserves to get lost to Twitter.