Description Dates
Exhibit Engineer
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
Maintain and upgrade 850 educational interactives across a wide range of technolgoies, including: computer-driven (DOS 6.2 to Windows 11), mechanical (Hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical automation); show-control (Creston, Medialon, ETC Eos/Paradigm/Unison). Develop custom hardware/software solutions across these domains, including PCB-design, 3D-design/3D printing, wood and metal work, software development. Consult with design time on relevant technologies for new installations. 2019-Present
Electronics Consultant
Create custom electronics control systems for theatrical and stage performances. Design custom circuit boards, firmware, and sensor integrations based on client needs. Custom case designs created using 3D design and 3D printing. Work with technicians and designs to establish longevity/upkeep plan. 2011-Present
Lighting and Video Supervisor
Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Responsible for overseeing all lighting and video resources for 6-8 large-scale productions annually, across three venues: 850-seat reconfigurable, 550-seat traditional, 200-seat studio. Supervise/collaborate with staff to specify and install large electrical installations. Design, oversee fabrication of, and install custom controllers and light fixtures. Manage cross-venue inventory of lighting devices and per-project supplementary budgets of $1,500-$20,000. Create custom lighting effects using discrete and monolithic LEDs, serial and network-based drivers. Create custom cue-light controller using PCB design and Arduino-based network hardware. Diagnose/repair/maintain control, lighting, and network hardware electrical hardware. Developed custom jigs, supports, and lighting holders using 3D-printing, wood, metal, plexiglass fabrication. Developed electrical and networking infrastructure plan for new venue (The Yard) for opening in 2017. 2016-2019
Master Electrician
Lookingglass Theatre Company
Responsible for planning, hang, focus, technical rehearsals, previews, running, maintenance, and strike of 3-4 productions per year in a reconfigurable 200-seat space; performing all ongoing maintenance of 200+ fixture inventory, lighting grid, control network, and dimming equipment. Assemble proposals for capital improvements, manage vendor relationships through bid process. Responsible for electrical upkeep of separate 50-seat studio theatre for 4-8 small performances per year. Created custom dimming solutions for battery-powered props (LED fireflies, “a harpoon made of lightning” of PVC and LEDs, etc). 2014-2016
Assistant Master Electrician
Lookingglass Theatre Company
Assisted the Master Electrician on a show-by-show basis, including: coordinating rentals, overseeing lighting installation and upkeep; building specialized power distribution equipment as necessary; building specialized props (wirelessly dimmed LED fixtures, remote digital displays, servo controllers, etc.) 2012-2014




AutoCAD, Vectorworks, Fusion360, Onshape

Media Production

Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop; Affinity Photo, Illustrator, Design;

Live Media Playack

QLab, Isadora, Dataton Watchout

Lighting Control

ETC Eos/NOMAD, Paradigm, Unison, Express/Expression, Sensor+; Medialon. Expert in DMX, sACN, ArtNet communication protocols.



FDM 3D-Priting (PLA, ABS, PETG), 3D-printer setup, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting


Digital/RF Circuit Design, PCB Design/Fabrication, circuit analysis tools (oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, multimeter), Electrical assembly: thru-hole/SMD Soldering, connector assembly, wiring harness development


Microcontroller programming – Arduino/C, PIC18F, ESP-32


Bandsaw, tablesaw, chopsaw, drill press, sanding


Oxyacetylene welding, basic MIG welding, forgework


Microsoft Suite

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams


Windows Vista/7/10; Linux


Dante Audio Certified - Levels 1, 2, 3

ETC Paradigm Architechture Control - Certified Programmer

Vertical Lift Certified (Scissor Lift, Boom, Work Platform) - Herc Rentals Chicago

ETC Paradigm Product Bagdge Dante Level 1 certification badge Dante Level 2 certification badge Dante Level 3 certification badge