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Pycon 2023 Slides

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PyCon 2023 Slides At the PyScript tutorial at PyConUS on Wednesday April 19, 2023, I had the privilege to present two short sections of slides: one on Python/JS interoperability, and one on Event Handling. Read more...

What's New in Pyscript 2023.03.1

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import js loaded_event ='pyscript_ready') js.document.dispatchEvent(loaded_event) code:not(.nocode):not(.language-python):not(.language-python3):not(.language-html):not(.language-js){ --tw-text-opacity: 1; color: rgba(5, 120, 85, var(--tw-text-opacity)); } . Read more...

Advent of Code 2022

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/* Code tags not in highlight blocks */ code:not(.nocode):not(.language-python){ --tw-text-opacity: 1; color: rgba(5, 120, 85, var(--tw-text-opacity)); } Another year, another 25 curious code challenges from Advent of Code! Read more...
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