Below are some of the things I’ve built or am currently working on, organized by project. For a chronological look at recent projects, see the blog.

Miniature Moving Light

A tiny moving light with a powerful 900 lumen source, driven by DMX. 5" x 2" x 2".

Arduino Pro Mini DMX Shield

A PCB-based project to allow an Arduino Pro Mini to send or receive DMX.

Home Workshop Setup

An overview of how I revamped my home workshop to accommodate a wide range of electronic projects, using configurable shelving and 3D-printed components

Homemade Cheddar Cheese

An adventure into building a cheese press and making and aging my own country-style cheddar cheese.

50W QRP Amplifier

An RF amplifier for portable Ham Radio use, 5W input to 50W output with interchangeable filters.

Si5351 RF Signal Generator

A homemade RF signal generator for .1 to 30 MHz. Controlled by an Arduino, generator is an SI5351.

Portable 20m/30m/40m Antenna

A portable Ham Radio antenna setup, using the QRPGuys Tri-Band vertical matching unit and a collapsible fiberglass pole.

Geared 7-Segment Display

A geared mechanism to display the digits 0-9. Using 3D-Printed parts and a rotary shaft.

3-Way Initial Block

A 3D-Printed Object which appears to be 3 different letters (initials) depending on which side it's viewed from.

Desk-Edge Can Holder

A 3D-Printed Object which holds a can of delicious refreshment to the workbench.

Open-Lock Desktop Organizers

3D Printed holders for a multi-tool, laser distance finder (disto) and more. Compatible with the OpenLock standard for easy rearrangement.

Double Rack and Sector Pinion

A 3D Printed mechanism demonstrator of a peculiar alternative gear arrangement. Uses a small RC hobby motor for continuous motion.