Electronics Bash – #14 – Wireless Signals

Wires? Where we’re going we don’t need… wires…. Except for power, ground, programming, buttons, others sensors, etc….

This week, we’re continuing our looking at the Arduino, the most popular microcontroller platform on the planet. We’ll be introducing the versatile Radiohead library, and using it to drive some inexpensive ASK/OOK 433 MHz modules to pass lightweight wireless signals between two Arduinos.

Topics Include:

  • Radio fundamentals
  • Working with the Radiohead library
  • *Pointers

Code Libraries

This week we’ll be making extensive use of the Radiohead Library to handle wireless communication. You can download it from the link above. Notice that if you Google “Radiohead Library” you also will see github links to Sparkfun’s fork of this library, which doesn’t seem to be as up to date – I recommend using the source from Airspayce above.


The following code will make use of the above circuit diagram

ASK Transmitter

ASK Receiver

ASK Transmit Integers

ASK Receive Integers

ASK Receiver Servo

ASK Transmitter Servo

ASK Receiver Servo and LED

ASK Transmitter Servo and LED

Local Variables Example

Pointers as Arguments Example

Binary/Hex Slider Example (Processing)