Electronics Bash – #12 – Soldering

You now what’s really good at sticking two pieces of metal together so they make good electrical contact? No, not glue. Not tape. Not chewing gum. More metal melted and flowed with a hot iron, that’s what!

This week’s stream fill focus on soldering – the fundamental act of bonding metal parts together. It’s easy to do well… and easy to do poorly. We’ll cover topics like:

  • Hand soldering skills
  • Types and mixes of solder
  • Soldering iron and tip species
  • Soldering thru-hole and surface-mount parts
  • Soldering safety
  • Hot air and soldering rework
  • Desoldering with hot air, solder braid, and solder suckers

This is the space where I’ll be posting code samples and circuit layouts sometime in advance of the stream, for those who want to follow along more directly. You can expect the code and formatting here to change up to a couple hours before the stream as the plan for the evening comes together.


Really, you should just read the soldering section of my writeup from the fall on my preferred electronics workbench tools. But here are some specific supplies that I suspect I’ll be referencing:

Soldering Irons:

Hakko FX-888D
Inexpensive Soldering Station
Inexpensive Station w/ Hot Air
TS-100 Mini Iron


Kester 60-40 .031″
Kester 63-37 .020″
Kester Lead-Free .031″

Soldering Accessories:

Circuit Board Holder
3D Printed Circuit Board Holder
Octopus Vise
Solder Reel Holder
3D Printed Solder Reel Holder
Fume extractor
Solder Flux Pens
Desoldering Braid
Solder Sucker
Thru-Hole Solding Practice Kit
SMD Soldering Practice Kit


The following pieces of code will make use of this circuit

Expository writing goes here

Code heading

And some more details about some code to come.

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