Electronics Bash – Arduino #4- Electricity Fundamentals

In this stream, we’ll be looking at the fundamentals of working with electricity, including essential principles like: voltage, current, power, and resistance. We’ll be demonstrating these physical phenomena using practicals examples with freeform circuits as well as doing some examples with the Arduino.

This is the space where I’ll be posting code samples and circuit layouts sometime in advance of the stream, for those who want to follow along more directly. You can expect the code and formatting here to change up to a couple hours before the stream as the plan for the evening comes together.

For the first part of this evening, all the the circuit diagrams can be found in the slides:

7-Segment Display Driving

The following code examples will use the following circuit layout:

7-Segment Manual Contral

Shows the basic driving of a single, common anode 7-segment display. Not a recommended way of driving these, but a starting place for illustration purposes. This demo makes use of a common-anode LED display – if using a common-cathode display, replace all instances of LOW with HIGH and HIGH with LOW.

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7-Segment w/ Arrays

Shows the basic driving of a single, common anode 7-segment display – exactly the same functionality as the code above, but making use of an array of the pin numbers to radically condense and simplify the code.

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7-Segment Digits – Basic

Starting to display digits on a single 7-segment display using hardcoded digitalWrite commands to display each digit. Again, not a recommended method, but a building block for what comes later.

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7-Segment Digits – Bytes

Starting to display digits on a single 7-segment display, but with the segment data encoded into an array of bytes. 

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